10 Things you need to know when choosing kitchen cabinets

Your kitchen cabinets are a crucial element for keeping your kitchen neat and your countertops clear of clutter. Here are some key elements that you should look into when ordering/ buying your kitchen cupboards.

Budget accordingly – When budgeting for your kitchen set aside at least 40% of your cost to your kitchen cabinets.

Finishes – Look at popular finishes like stained wood for your cupboards and brushed nickel for your hardware.

Glazing – Antique finishes are unique, but they will add 20% to your overall cost.

Optical illusions – When placing a single knob on a drawer, remember not to place it in the center of the drawer. Instead place it off center, so that it appears right when viewed from standing height.

Dominant design – Look for drawers with dovetail joinery, solid wood sides, and a plywood bottom.

Over-the-top options – Look for designs with “over travel slides” that lets you access the entire drawer when it is fully open.

Framed vs. frameless – Framed designs are best for classic kitchen styles while frameless designs are best for a sleek, modern look.

The warranty will give you a hint on quality – Often lower end products will have shorter warranties, while high-end products will have a warranty of 5 years or more.

Drawer slide mounts – Side mounts are great because they can handle heavier storage.

MDF vs. plywood – Medium-density fiberboard is a cheap option but more expensive than particleboard.