4 Ways to update furniture without paint

Painting furniture can transform your pieces. However, painting your furniture can be permanent and can sometimes damage your pieces. Here are some ideas to update your furniture without using paint.

Washi Tape – Washi Tape comes in a long list of colors and pattern to suit your theme. Use your Washi Tape on edges or on your furniture legs to freshen up your space. Look at updating your book shelves, by using Washi Tape on the edges in a bright

Furniture tacks or nail heads – If you’re not fussed that your furniture may get a bit holey, look at furniture tacks or nail heads. A great idea for a kid’s rooms or for an office space as you can add color and texture with ease.

Fabric or paper – An easy way to add color and texture is to use fabric or paper with patterns at the base or on the backs of your furniture. Make sure you invest in good quality paper or fabric and paste it with glue that will easily come off when you are ready for a change.

Baskets or other accessories – If you have a bookshelf or a bench that needs updating, invest in some baskets in fabric, cane or plastic to add color and to tidy a space. Before you buy your baskets, make sure you measure your space so that your baskets fit your furniture.