7 Rules for decorating your rental

If you’re decorating your rental, it is important that you spend just enough money to enhance your space and be able to move your décor or get rid of it when you move out. Here are some basic rules to consider.

Decorate – It is important to decorate your rental to make your house a home. Look at starting your decorating process once you move in or once you have selected and confirmed your rental.

Versatility – Remember that rental is temporary and you want your furniture to fit into other rentals when you move. Look at investing in modular sofas, folding chairs, side and coffee tables that also include built-in storage spaces.

Upgrade lighting (Where possible) – Lighting in rentals can be less than ideal, so you should upgrade your fixtures, keeping in mind of technical drawbacks. Avoid using the overhead lights and look at investing in lamps instead.

Upgrade hardware – Look at investing in cabinet pulls that are adjustable and those that easily fit into your kitchen or bathroom cabinets.

Improve window coverings – Most often rentals will have old curtains or vertical blinds that lackluster. Look at investing in fresh curtains and simple roller blinds that are affordable.

Embrace paint – Painting your rental is an easy way to freshen up your space. Look at painting your space in a neutral color that can give your home a uniformed look.

Consider temporary measures – Look at adding wall decals or paintings to create interest.