Buyer’s Guide to wicker garden furniture

Whether you use your garden furniture every day or seasonally, it is important that the design and fabric you choose suit your space and are long lasting. Wicker chairs and coffee tables are a popular choice as they match both contemporary and traditional gardens. Here are a few tips on how to select outdoor wicker furniture.

Material – Wicker is a woven fiber that uses organic or synthetic fibers. Synthetic wicker is commonly used in outdoor settings as it is weatherproof and UV stabilized. However, if your space has a cover, you can look at organic wicker as it is strong and can withstand moderate moisture.

Style – Wicker furniture comes in both lounge style pieces as well as dining sets. If you are looking at a relaxed setting a wicker sofa, with a coffee table and two separate wicker chairs provide balance to a space. For an outdoor wicker dining table look at chairs with supportive backs, arm rests and deep cushions for maximum comfort. Contemporary wicker is curvaceous with generous wide arms. Classic pieces, on the other hand, will have slimmer armrests and neat lines. For a larger garden look at bulkier pieces while for smaller spaces compact, neat silhouettes will work best.

Choosing your wicker – There are two main types of wicker, and they are flat or round wicker. However, Wicker Paradise suggests choosing round versions as it is robust and durable. It is important to look at wicker that is UV stabilized, to ensure your furniture will last.