How to Organize Your Garage

Summary: If you are puzzled on how to approach your messy garage, continue reading for some tips to help you get started.


A garage can be useful for many reasons. Having an area where you can park your cars or put items in storage can be hugely beneficial for anyone who wants is either low on storage space or wants to keep their house tidy. However, it can be easy to develop the habit of placing items wherever you can find space, ultimately leading to a messy and unorganized garage.


When your garage is messy it can be challenging to find misplaced items. If the task of cleaning your garage up is overwhelming, save yourself the headache by following some of the tips outlined below.


Make Use of Vertical Space


There is only so much room for items in your garage. A smart way to approach this is to make good use of every square inch. If you have bulky items like a mattress topper from The Foam Factory or snowboards, then setting up hooks along the wall to hang them could minimize the amount of floor space taken up.


Alternatively, if you have smaller items, such as power tools or construction equipment, hanging them up on a vertical rack can also help you easily keep track of each piece at a glance.


Use Bins and Labels


Another useful trick you can use to get things in order in your garage is to make good use of labels and colors. Group similar items together and place them within bins. Afterwards, you can label the bins, so you can quickly figure out exactly where the RV bedding is and where the Christmas decorations are stored.