How to place furniture in a small space?

Small spaces need to give the illusion of more space and yet often function as multifunctional spaces. Here are some tips to help you make the most of a small space.

Assess your space – Picture your space on a blank sheet of paper and draw your space making sure you enter your doorways and windows to allow for traffic to pass. You should then physically measure your space and mark the measurements clearly on your sheet.

Assess your furniture size – If you haven’t bought furniture as yet, you can look at stores that offer functional pieces for smaller spaces. Most stores will also include the measurements of on their website. If you already own furniture look at measuring your largest piece and your largest wall.

Multifunctional furniture is important – If your space is used for multiple purposes, you will have to look at multifunctional pieces that give you versatility and storage space. Start off by determining your entertaining and family needs before you look for the best pieces for your home.

Consider the big picture – Although some people may want large pieces of furniture, they may not fit in with your space and may make your home look a lot smaller. Instead look at quality pieces that you can use every day.

Obtain furniture from classifieds – For those on a budget, investing in classic secondhand pieces will help you stay within your budget and allow you to enjoy furniture that you otherwise could not afford.