How to select furniture for your rental?

If you are furnishing your rental, it is important to buy furniture that will suit the target market that is most likely to rent your home. Here are some tips on how to select furniture for your rental.

Function – Look at your rental space and understand who will rent your space. For example, If you want to rent out a studio apartment, the chances are that you will be targeting a newly married couple or a professional single. In this case, you will need a double bed, with a sofa and a desk and chair. If you’re targeting a family, you will have to choose furniture that is durable and those that can be wiped clean with ease.

Form – Make sure that your furniture looks good and matches your asking price for your rental. It is best to choose furniture that is strong and can withstand constant traffic. Always ask yourself how can your furniture be broken or damaged before you invest in it, to ensure you select pieces that are sturdy and unbreakable. Avoid glass top tables, as they can crack or break easily. Ensure that the furniture you buy can be easily cleaned and choose colors that are neutral and preferably dark since darker shades will hide stains and damages better than lighter shades.

Other tips – When it comes to renting, women are often the deciding factor, therefore ensure that your rental is clean and it looks good in pictures. It is also important that your space is airy and full of light, to make people feel comfortable as soon as they walk in.