The Benefits of Construction Mediation for Smaller Construction Crews

When a smaller construction crew finds itself embroiled in litigation, they may wonder how to best deal with the situation. Ultimately, they want to resolve the matter and get back to work as soon as possible. A construction claims expert may suggest that representatives participate in construction mediation.

Smaller construction crews can’t afford to waste valuable time in court. Of course, time spent in court is time that the crew isn’t busy on a project. This can make mediation beneficial because it resolves a case weeks if not months sooner than it might resolve by waiting for trial. A construction consultant can help a crew take full advantage of a mediation session in order to offer solutions that may resolve the case.

Mediation is also helpful because it allows a construction crew to think of more creative solutions than a court might order, says Lyle Charles Consulting. Courts are in the business of deciding who’s right and fashioning orders. They’re not in the business of helping parties think of creative solutions.

This is where mediation comes in. In mediation, the parties can come up with almost any kind of solution to the issues on the table. This often allows the crew more flexibility and creativity than just arguing about a dollar amount. A construction claim analysis is one way to brainstorm solutions that can help each party achieve their top objectives and resolve the case. This makes mediation a helpful tool for a smaller construction crew that faces the distractions and expenses of ongoing litigation.