Tips for laying out a studio apartment

If you’re looking at moving into a single room apartment or are currently struggling with space in a single room space, here are a few areas to consider to make the most of what you’ve got.

Start with the bed – Look at the bed you have or the one you are considering buying. Remember that your bed will be the most significant piece of furniture in your space and therefore carefully think where it will be placed. Place your bed in an area that gives you some privacy and ideally far away from your front door. Lofting your bed is a good idea, but it can mean climbing down a ladder when you want to use the washroom.

Lay out the rest of your furniture – Start laying out your furniture in order of size and importance. If you work a lot from home, look at placing your work desk and chair in the place where you can work. On the other hand, if you spend time relaxing with friends after work, place your sofa and coffee table first.

Reduce clutter – A one-room apartment has no room for clutter. Look at small pieces and opt to furnish your apartment with a desk, or a dining table, a sofa and a TV.

Place the sofa and the bed on opposite walls – To separate your sleeping and entertaining spaces, place your couch and your bed on opposite walls of your room.

Expand your kitchen with a kitchen cart – If your kitchen is tiny and has little to no storage space, consider investing in a kitchen cart. Kitchen carts will provide storage space at the base and provide more counter space for prepping your meals.