3 Ways To Revamp Your Living Room

Written by Wicker Paradise

Your living room would normally be the most comfortable room in the house. This would be the place you would go to when you would be seeking relaxation or to be entertained. The living room is also the place where you would be receiving guests. The tips below might come handy if you seek to revamp your living room.

Vintage Touches

Vintage pieces normally add warmth and comfort to a room. You might already own some vintage pieces such as an old vintage clock that you can use as decoration in your living room or you can look for some vintage-inspired pieces from thrift shops. These types of accessories at charm to any room.

Natural tones and fabrics

Natural tones for wall colors are trendy. You might consider blending natural color tones with textural fabrics to add some warmth to a room. Textural fabrics give the space a more comfortable and inviting appeal.


tangiers-seagrass-sofa-12Furniture pieces are considered as being the main piece of comfort in any room. A wicker sofa in a living room would give an elegant look to your living room. This piece of furniture would also be inviting for your guests. You might also consider topping your furnishings with some Lloyd Flanders cushions for an extra addition of comfort in your living room.

Wicker Paradise sells various types of rattan and wicker furniture pieces that would enhance indoor and outdoor spaces. The company also provides solutions for Lloyd Flanders replacement cushions for dining or living rooms.

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