4 Ways to transform your old concrete garage

Article Written by : Bali Garden

Although garages are meant to store and protect cars, people are now parking their cars ou
tside and revamping their garages to create more space. Here are some options that will make this space a whole lot more usable.

Guesthouse – Creating a guesthouse is a good idea if you often have family staying over. The guesthouse also ensures that your guests are comfortable and that there is no disruption to your family’s routine. You should consider adding a small kitchen, for your guests to make coffee and a simple breakfast. There should also be some wardrobe space and a toilet.

Home office – A home office is a good choice if you work from home and need privacy to complete your work. For this extension to work, you will have to include sufficient storage, a good Internet connection, and noise insulation if you live near a busy street.

Family room for fun and play – Family rooms are a great place for kids to play and also keep the main areas of your home neat and tidy. For this extension, you will need good flooring that is comfortable. It is also important to build in sufficient storage. Your storage should be fixed at the right heights so that your kids can select and put away their toys on their own.

Fitness room – Working out is a good way to stay fit and release stress. This option will save you money on yearly gym fees and give you a place to go to complete your workouts without any interruptions. Look at good flooring to withstand weight overload.


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