5 Tips on choosing a colour palette for your outdoor furniture


Written by Wicker Paradise

As the seasons change, you may want to update your outdoor furniture. Buying brand new outdoor furniture maybe out of your budget and therefore a good way to bring about a fresh new look is to change your color palette. Here are some tips on how to choose a color palette for your outdoor furniture

Use the color wheel for decorating guidance – Buy yourself a color wheel and match complementary colors with those directly across them. These options will give you color palettes like orange and turquoise. If you want to tone down the colors add white or cream, in the form of a white umbrella or paint your wicker chairs and coffee table.

Mimic the look of the outside – If you live in an outdoor area that is full of greenery, buy outdoor cushions from a home retail store like Lloyd Flanders cushions in shades of green. Break the look by adding texture and mixing fabrics.

Choose contrasting patterns for visual interest – If you want to brighten a space where the furniture is simple and neutral, choose floral prints that bring visual interest.

Maintain a one-color palette – Some outdoor areas can be lush and green. To give your eyes soothing contrast choose weathered teak chairs with toned down color palettes such as maroon cushions.

Nurture neutrals in outdoor furniture and fabrics – If you have a large outdoor space and want your outdoor fabrics and furniture not to stand out, choose colors in neutral shades.


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