Barn Door Diversity

The barn door sounds anything but sophisticated, it sounds like a door that leads to a space housing all manner of farm animal, heaps of hay, and probably a less-than-pleasant stench. But alas, words aren’t always what they seem, and if you’re willing to thinking outside of the proverbial box, the barn door could be the answer to your interior design space questions.

Here’s there ways to use a barn door that create intrigue and save space:

1. Bathroom Doors. Barn doors are PERFECT for your bathroom doors. Why? Because you will no longer need to consider the door swing, which in some cases, directly interferes with sink and/or toilet access. Because the barn door slides laterally, you will only use the space that is adjacent and parallel to your wall, not perpendicular as with most doors at their outward/inward most swing. Wishing you paid a little more attention in geometry now, aren’t you?

2. Pantry Doors. The pantry is a popular place, especially if you have children. There are few things worse than the pain of having a finger slammed in a door, installing a barn door happens to be the perfect solution. The sliding door is slightly more cumbersome for younger children, translating into a reduced likelihood in the child pulling the door, while simultaneously standing in a way to injury his/her extremities. We’re not saying it can’t happen, just that it poses a mitigated risk when compared to the standard swinging doors. Nonetheless, children like to get into precarious situations, the barn door won’t correct that behavior. Sorry mom and dad.

3. Laundry Room Door. Ah yes, the source of joy and annoyance. I love the smell of clean clothes, but I can’t say that I love the process required in getting the same. The laundry room is an oft-frequented, and oft-neglected area of the home. Installing a barn door can make entry and egress a breeze, and if you’re feeling creative, you can always hang wall art on the sliding door portion to add some life and color to your laundry room space.

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