Choosing furniture for your Kitchen

furnitureyourway aug 2016Most families spend most of their time in the kitchen. From cooking to eating and cleaning, a good kitchen space can be a good investment. Here are 5 tips on choosing furniture for your kitchen.

Plan out your kitchen furniture- Most families will use their kitchen table for more than eating. Kitchen tables and counters are used for board games, homework and crafts. You should therefore take all these into account when selecting your kitchen furniture.

Make wise use of your space – You will need to use your kitchen for daily use as well as on special or holiday occasions. Therefore, look for counters that stretch out, to place completed dishes. This will also leave you with more space on your dining table.

Think about your seating – If your household consists of you and your spouse then you can limit your seating to a 4 piece dining table. However, if you have a full house of kids and constant visitors an 10-12 piece dining table maybe a wise investment.

Storage – If you are someone who likes to display your china, you may want to choose glass cabinets to showcase your pieces. However, if you lack space it best to place such cabinets elsewhere and choose shelving that is functional.

Choose furniture that’s built to last – delicate furniture will not withstand daily wear and tear. Therefore choose pieces made with good quality wood that will last a lifetime. When selecting your kitchen top it is advisable to choose a granite top, as this would mean that hot or cold items can be placed without damaging your counter top.

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