Dispute Preparation Tactics for Small and Mid-Sized Construction Companies

Delays are an inherent part of the construction industry, as are the legal claims that can result from them. To avoid delays, it helps to understand what can cause them in the first place. One major cause of construction delay claims is inadequate contractor experience. Inexperienced contractors may lack knowledge in such areas as time and supply management, how to cope with unexpected events, and improper construction techniques.

Factors outside your control, says Lyle Charles, can be one of the most frustrating parts of doing business in construction. To avoid delay claims, ensure all activities and schedules are included in the contract. Ensure all contractors have good reputations by checking their references and licenses and make sure everyone carries appropriate insurance. You can’t control weather, but review weather from previous years and schedule accordingly.

Using construction & turnaround services implies that the construction company approaches their projects from a standpoint of safety and cost-effectiveness by combining fabrication with construction. By putting safety first, contractors avoid situations that can potentially lead to accidents which themselves can lead to delays and can potentially lead to lawsuits.

If disputes occur, engaging a construction expert witness can be very beneficial. Experts have experience and knowledge of the construction industry and can advise on contracts, accidents and injuries, and other construction-related factors like construction law, zoning, finance, and management. These experts can help you work through dispute delays and bring a satisfactory result to all parties.

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