Get the Perfect Night Sleep When You Choose Your Own Mattress

We’ve all been to the mattress store before, and most of us have an understanding of the length of time it takes to shop for and buy a new bed. Not to mention how difficult it can be to actually get that setup to your home. Choosing a memory foam bed isn’t easy, but once you understand what you’re looking for you can order a mattress or topper online with almost no hassle or stress. With this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to choose a mattress that will give you the perfect night of sleep at a fraction of the cost.

Test Densities

The density of the mattress will determine how soft it feels when you lay on it. A natural latex mattress topper cut up to 5 LBs in density will be a very firm surface, while dropping that density to 3LBs would be a lot softer. If you have a decent spring mattress that just doesn’t offer the comfort and support you want, try a memory foam topper. You and your partner can try two separate densities to balance things out, with a smaller topper aligned to either side of the bed.

Mattress toppers are great because they offer an inexpensive solution to a difficult problem to solve. How do you find the right density without testing every potential mattress? Toppers, coupled with the right spring setup and box spring, will offer good support and excellent cushioning for the body.


Most people aren’t aware of just how many chemicals are present in your mattress. Chemicals that are used to prevent fires have to be present on a mattress in order to keep you and your family safe while you sleep. Those same chemicals can also harm your respiratory system. Memory foam bed toppers made of natural latex are resistant to fire, and therefore don’t require harmful chemicals.

Natural latex also doesn’t wear the same way that a spring mattress would, so they tend to last for a much longer period of time than the average spring bed. Since there aren’t any chemicals present, you should find it easier to breathe and that can affect everything about your life.

Final Thoughts

Memory foam is one of the most comfortable surfaces to rest upon, but the one drawback is heat build up. If the cells are wider, heat won’t get trapped in the material as much. That extra breathability can be a big deal during summer time, unless you’re willing to crank up the air conditioner.
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