How to get rid of back pain with cushions

Written by Carlo Badalamenti

neck-back-painNearly one in every four persons around the world suffers from back pain. If you happen to be one of these unlucky lot, then it’s time for you to find out what the culprit is. Chronic back pain may be a medical condition, but yours might just be due to a few things in your bed, such as too many pillows. Having too many pillows in your bed can cause strain on your neck and on your back; and more often than not, it’s primarily due to added stress to your spine. Using too many pillows in bed can result to pressure on your spine, wherein you wouldn’t be able to lie flat on your back. If this is so, then get rid of those excess pillows. Another reason of this may also be due to using the wrong type of pillow. Using a custom foam cushion can help fix this, and it does so by taking the pressure off your neck and your spine. A custom pillow would mean that it’s a pillow specifically designed for you so you can get the best sleeping posture possible. If you’re having an aching back, you can also help alleviate this and wake up with little or no pain by putting pillows behind your knee when you lie down. This helps flatten your back as well as takes off any pressure that may be causing you pain. About two pillows behind your knees should do the trick, and, you can immediately tell if it’s working.

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