Outdoor furniture and fabric ideas

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Outdoor spaces can be a useful addition to a home as it helps a family enjoy the outdoors in the comfort of their own home. Here are some tips on how to choose outdoor fabrics and cushions for outdoor furniture.

The color wheel for decorating – Choosing colors that you will enjoy for a few months to a year can be confusing. To make you assess all the colors available, invest in a color wheel. Match complementary colors or ones directly across from one another.

Look for inspiration outside – Your outdoor furniture should look welcome in its surroundings. If your outside is lush with lots of greenery and grass, go for natural colors, like burnt orange or powder yellow.

Look for contrasting patterns – One pattern can be tiring for the eyes, therefore add personality to your space with floral prints in the form of cottage style pillows.

Balance – Bold color can be overpowering, therefore to create balance include a few light, neutral, or white pieces.

A one-color palette – If your garden is full of color and texture, you may want your furniture to stand out and soothe the eye and the mind. In this case look for toned down reds, whites, beiges for a mixture of textures and color.

Accents – Accents can help you update your look and will help you change the look of your space more often. Consider buying some vases, simple linen table runners and pillows that will change your color theme.

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