Small living room ideas that will make your living room seem larger

Article Written by : Home Furniture Gallery

furnitureyourway jan 2017Most homes have become smaller and therefore require strategies that make the space appear larger. The living room is a space used throughout the day and therefore should be decorated in order to make it look welcoming and aesthetically pleasing.

Decorate with mirrors – Placing small mirrors strategically will make a room feel larger. Place your mirror to catch the light from a lamp or a window.

Dramatic ceiling – Look at using your high ceiling by painting your beams or using floor-to-ceiling drapes. You could also use your vertical space to place artwork. To do this choose mid to small size frames and place them in design or a collage.

Neutrals and wood tones – A neutral color pallet can make a space seem larger. Think of colors like off-white and beige to push back the walls. Your room will also hold and reflect more light, which creates a calming effect.

Sleek and minimal – Your furniture should appear lightweight, therefore avoid boxy designs and choose wood or wicker instead.

Select small-scale furniture – This means you will have to choose pieces that do not overpower the room. Think of pieces that are tightly upholstered, compared with large arms and multi-cushioned backs. If a sofa takes too much space, you can also consider four chairs around a coffee table.


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