Steps to Apply Varnish on Doors

Written by ETO Doors

wood-staining-brushVarnishing a door can be undertaken as an afternoon project. This is a gratifying project as the effects are visible immediately. A quick coating will enhance the door’s appearance and multiple coats would allow for an even finish.


If your door already has a previous finish, you might consider stripping it off with a chemical stripper. However, if the finish is still in good condition, it can just be recoated. However, before applying a second coat, the door would need to be thoroughly washed with water and detergent.


The process of sanding would need to be carried out progressively by using finer grades of sand. Depending on the roughness of the surface, 150-grit sandpaper or 12-grit paper can be used, especially if wood filler was also applied.


This is appropriate especially if you have removed any old finish and it provides additional ultraviolet protection to the exterior doors that might be exposed to the sun. Stains can either be applied using a brush or rag. Once dried, the excess can be wiped off using another rag. The motion used would need to go with the grain of the wood.


The last step would involve varnishing. When varnishing important furniture or doors such as the front doors, it might be preferable to apply several light coatings rather than one heavy one. Some marine grade varnishes can take various hours to dry out.

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