The advantages of getting wicker furniture

Written by Wicker Paradise

No other type of furniture looks as good outdoors as wicker woven rattan furniture. When you look at wicker, it just fits in naturally with everything outdoors, the plants and has an almost tropical feel. You just feel like you want to go outside and relax. When picking your next set of outdoor or sunroom furniture, consider wicker for its natural earthy appearance. Like every other type of furniture, wicker has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s looks at some of the advantages:

Looks – Wicker furniture looks great because of how it is woven. Wicker refers to the weave rather than the material. Which is why there are options at various price points to suit anyone’s budget.

Durability – When wicker is woven properly, it can last a decade or longer. The furniture is made to endure tough conditions and will last even longer with proper care and maintenance. Even the maintenance is relatively simple, with just the occasional clean and a wash every few months.

Stability – Wicker is also quite stable for such lightweight furniture. The weave is strong and support the weight of adults and children climb over them without incident.

Resilience – Even wicker made from natural materials like rattan and bamboo will last in tough conditions to a certain extent. You are better off covering the set during extreme weather conditions. During variable weather like heavy rain in the morning and harsh sun in the afternoon, cover it or move it indoors.


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