The Most Common Garage Door Repairs

Written by Superior Garage Doors

garage-door-repairAll garage doors will need repairs eventually. While you can take precautions with preventative maintenance and regular servicing, something has to fail given the wear and tear the units bear over long periods of time. Here are the three most common garage door repairs you can expect:

A broken garage door spring

One of the most common components to fail on a garage door is the spring. The garage door opens thousands of times a year and after all that fatigue the metal eventually snaps. Test your springs by opening the garage door manually and checking how well its balanced. Eventually if you hear a screeching sound or something out of the ordinary on the test, then it’s time to call a garage door company atlanta to replace the springs.

Broken garage door cable

A frayed or broken garage door cable will need replacement as quickly as possible. The cables primary purpose is to prevent the garage door from slamming into the car should any of the springs break. You will need garage door installation atlanta team to replace the cables as it can be time intensive.

Problematic Safety Sensors

The third most common problem is when you have maligned safety sensors. Then the door won’t close unless you manually force it to. This can be caused by alignment issues or some obstruction. You can try fixing the alignment on your own but it is probably faster and safer to get a garage door repair technician to do the job.

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