Tips for DIY Furniture Assembly

diy-furniture-assemblyIf you are moving in a new house or apartment, you might have disassembled your furniture or have bought new easy to assemble furniture that are now available from popular stores. You might want to consider the tips below to help you carry out your furniture assembly project with the less hassle possible.

First off, you might want to invest in a good screw driver that is compatible with replaceable bits. Using the tools provided by the furniture supplier may, in certain cases, not be the most appropriate solution. You might also want to invest in a large rubber mallet for your furniture. A metal hammer might damage the holes made in the particleboard. The rubber mallet also helps to spread out the force and keep the woods pieces tight together. A bolt cutter might also come handy to cut any wirings.

Another tip is to separate your pieces and to keep a count on them. You might also separate each screw and wood dowel. If you wish to customize your furniture, you might want to carry out the changes you want to bring to the furniture before assembling it. When starting off, you might want to clear the space where you would be assembling the furniture. You may not know how big the furniture will grow out to be and it’s useful to have enough space just in case.

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