Tips when designing your open plan kitchen

furnitureyourway.netOpen plan kitchens are very popular mainly because it allows the family to stay connected through the preparation and dining of meals. Here are a few tips when designing your open plan kitchen.

Include an island – When designing your open plan kitchen, include an island. This will help to add much-needed counter space and give room for more shelving underneath. Avoid placing a sink on your island, as it will reduce its versatility. You could also consider kitchen islands that can be extended when needed, to provide more counter space.

Make your kitchen distinguishable – Sometimes open plan kitchens have to look the same as the living and dining areas to show unity. However, if you want to make your kitchen space unique, add some wall detailing, like beams to create a warmer feel compared to the rest of the house.

Extra dining space – A connected kitchen provides more dining space as it extends the dining room. Do this by adding more seating to your kitchen island.

Shelving and cupboards – Open plan kitchens need to be neat with less on your counters. This is mainly because your kitchen is the first thing guests/you will notice when they walk in. Therefore, ensure you have sufficient shelving and cupboard space built in. It is best to have a mix of both, as this will give you the opportunity to show or hide certain appliances or items.


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