When to Replace Mattresses

By The Foam Factory

mattress-sleepingBed mattresses are one of the most commonly overlooked piece of household furniture that there is. Beds, commonly with mattresses, are there from the moment you start living in a new house or apartment. You live in that house for x number of years without regard for what you sleep on every single night. You figure it is still useable and still serves its purpose, so why replace it? Well over 80% of American families do not even consider changing mattresses for the sake of changing them. If ever they do undergo mattress replacement, it would be due to a furniture change or a major renovation. The lack of initiative to replace mattresses may be due to insufficient information being shared.

Contrary to popular belief, mattresses are not indestructible. The membranes of the mattress foam which keep the mattress puffy compresses over time as you sleep on it. You might have noticed that the mattress you sleep on every night is softer now as compared to when you first got it a couple of years ago. That is a clear sign that it is time to replace the mattress. When a mattress loses its structure, it also loses support for your back. Although some might argue that it is still useable, therefore not due for replacement, it becomes a matter of health. New beds are often more firm and therefore provides more back support which in turn gives you a better night’s rest. Ideally, mattresses should be replaced every decade.

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